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How do you choose a Photo Booth Company in Phoenix Arizona?

Ok, you’ve made the correct decision that a photo booth can add a lot of fun to your event and provide you with lasting memories, now, how do you decide which company to use? Once you do a Google search, you’ll find many choices and they all say they’re the best. Here’s what you need to look at to make an informed decision:


  • Make sure you see an actual picture of the booth on the website
    • Some are a hard sided booth that will only fit two people at a time
    • Some are old technology with just a camera and a printer that doesn’t allow you to post your picture to FB or email yourself a copy of the photo
  • Check out the price
    • Make sure there aren’t any hidden costs for set up or an attendant
    • Make sure everything is included
      • Some will only bring a few props with their basic package
  • Read about the company
    • Make sure that service is important to them
      • A great photo booth needs a fun and knowledgeable attendant
  • Make sure you have options
    • Can they provide a 4 x 6 photo as well, or is it just strips
    • Will they provide a USB drive of all of the picture taken in the booth
    • Will they provide a picture for everyone in the shot
      • This is a big deal….no one wants to feel left out


Just make sure you know you have options, do your research, and choose the best photo booth company for your event. If you go through the above checklist and make an informed decision, you won’t be disappointed; photo booths are a BLAST at any event!